Mrs. Mary E. Noble, age 38, died at her home in New York's 28th Precinct in March of 1867. The coroner's jury concluded that Mary had died from pyemia, "resulting from an abortion produced by the prisoner, Wm. F.J. Thiers, alias Dr. Dubois. They further hold Amelia Armstrong, alias Madame Dubois, as accessory before the fact." Carson was tracked to New Jersey and arrested as well.

Thiers had an office at 38 3rd Avenue in New York, where he was still listed in 1868, and as late as 1882, which indicates that he was left at large after Mary's death.

During the investigation into Mary's death, Thiers was also charged with the death of an infant stillborn after an abortion perpetrated on Maria Jones, who had lived at the Theirs home.

Thiers, who had been born in New Orleans around 1821, lived at 627 Third Avenue in New York.

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