BrineyAd.jpgJennie F Martin, a 28year-old homemaker, died January 16, 1906 in Wesley Hospital in Chicago from complications of a criminal abortion. Dr. William Farmer Briney was held by the coroner's jury.

He touted himself as "The Great Women's Specialist," and his ads were written to lure in the desperate:

Ladies - If sick, worried, and discouraged, hopeless and despondent, from any cause, don't be reckless. Don't give up. Dr. Briney has saved more women to healthy, purer, and better life than all other doctors in the cty combined. .... The blessed hour of relief will come like magic under the skill of this specialist, no matter what he cause or how obstinate the case. Patients from out of town have all the privileges of his private sanitarium extended free to them, or they can return home the same day.
Write for booklet, terms, etc. Help extended. His greatest successes treating obstinate, long standing, abdominal suppressions, delayed period, etc. Come and be convinced. Free consultation and examination.
for a case of Dr. Briney's Regulator fails to relieve. .... Office or mail. ....

Briney was born February 12, 1869 in Iowa, and died February 14, 1948. He had a wife, Anna Belle Ross, and a son, Walter.
BrineyAdSmall.jpg DR. BRINEY EXTENDS FREE CONSULTATION and advice to ladies who are hopeless, worried, and discouragd. He never results to cruel and painful surgical operations. Consult a specialist known for his safe, sure and painless methods, his fair, honest, and courteous treatment. Private home sanitarium for those who wish to remain under my care. Arrangemnts have been made whereby patients will be accepted who are not able to paythe usual fees.