West End Hospital

Dr. Lillian Hobbs
Ellen Matson died here in November of 1917 after an abortion performed by Lillian Hobbs. (pictured, right)

Also in November of 1917, 20-year-old Helen Devora died at West End Hospital from an abortion performed by an unknown perpetrator.

In November of 1923, 23-year-old Alice S. Johnson died at West End Hospital from a criminal abortion performed there that day.

In March of 1926, 24-year-old Louise Maday died at West End Hospital from complications of an abortion performed at an earlier date. Midwife Amelia Becker was held by the coroner.

Famed twins Rosa and Josefa Blazek
West End Hospital has an unusual claim to fame as the place where famed conjoined twins Rosa Blažek Dvorakand Josefa Blažek (pictured) died in 1922.