To make tombstone signs, follow the directions here. I used the largest pictures I could find so that they'd show up well on the signs. If you find larger images, please let me know so I can share them.

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KeishaAtkins.jpg Keisha Marie Atkins Age: 23 Died: February 4, 2017 Abortionist: Dr. Curtis Boyd Southwest Women's Options Albuquerque, NM

JamieLeeMoralesLarge.jpgJamie Lee Morales Age: 30 Died: July 9, 2016 Abortionist: Dr. Robert Rho Liberty Women's Health Queens, NY

CreeErwinLarge.pngCree Erwin-Sheppard July 3, 2016 Age: 24 Planned Parenthood, Kalamazoo, MI

ChristiStile.pngChristi Stile Age: 39 Died: March 29, 2015 Abortionist: Ronald Kuseski Mayfair Women's Clinic Aurora, CO.

Lakisha-Wilson.jpgLakisha Wilson Age: 22 Died: March 28, 2014 Preterm Clinic Cleveland, OH.

Maria Santiago Age: 38 Died: February 13, 2014 Abortionist: Iris Dominy Associates in OB/GYN Care Baltimore, MD

TonyaReavesLarge.jpgTonya Reaves Age: 24 Died: July 21, 2012 Abortionist: Mandy Gittler Planned Parenthood Chicago, IL

AlexandraNunezLarge.jpgAlexandra Nunez Age: 37 Died: January 25, 2010 Abortionist: Robert Hosty A1 Medicine Queens, NY

JenniferMcKennaMorbelliLarge.jpgJennifer McKenna-Morbelli Age 29 Died: February 7, 2010 Abortionist: Leroy Carhart Germantown Reproductive Health Services Germantown, MD

Ying Chen Age: 30 Died: August 3, 2009 Abortionist: Andrew Rutland San Gabriel, CA

KarnamayaMongarLarge.jpgKarnamaya Mongar Age: 41 Died: November 20, 2009 Abortionist: Kermit Gosnell Women's Medical Society Philadelphia, PA

Belle Roe Age: 21 Died: 2009

AntoneshaRossFBPhoto.jpgAntonesha Ross Age: 18 Died: May 2, 2009 Abortionist: Josephine Kamper Women's Aid Clinic Lincolnwood, IL

Carmen Roe Age: 29 Died: 2008

Sherika Mayo Age: 23 Died: March 21, 2008 Abortionist: Tyrone Maloy Summit Medical Associates Atlanta, GA

Chloe Colts Age: 26 Died: January 19, 2008 Abortionist: Reginald Sharpe Detroit, MI

EdricaGoode.jpgEdrica Goode Age: 21 Died: February 14, 2007 Planned Parenthood, Riverside, CA

LauraHopeSmithLarge.jpgLaura Hope Smith Age: 22 Died: September 13, 2007 Abortionist: Rapin Osathanondh Women Health Center Hayannis, MA

Denise Crowe Age: 21 Died: February 3, 2006 Abortionist: Romeo A. Ferrer Gynecare Severna Park, MD

LauraGrunas.jpgLaura Grunas Age: 30 Died: August 4, 2006 Plantation, FL

Wanda Roe Died: c. 2006.

ChristinGilbert.jpgChristin Gilbert Age: 19 Died: January 13, 2005 Abortionist: Leroy Carhart Women's Health Care Services Wichita, KS

Cherish Roe Died: c. 2005

Tara Roe Died: c. 2005

OrianeShevin.jpgOriene Shevin Age: Died: 2005 Abortionist: Christopher Dotson Eve Surgical Center California

Chanelle Bryant Age: 22 Died: January 14, 2004 Family Planning Associates Medical Group California

tamiiaRussell.gifTamiia Russell Age: 15 Died: January 8, 2004 Abortionist: Alberto Hodari Woman Care Clinic Lanthrup Village, MI

Leigh Ann Alford Age: 42 Died: November 26, 2003 Abortionist: Malachy DeHenre Summit Medical Center Mobile, AL

Regina Johnson Age: 32 Died: September 18, 2003 Abortionist: Milton Nathanson Womancare of Southfield Southfield, MI

HollyPattersonLarge.jpgHolly Patterson Age: 18 Died: September 17, 2003 Planned Parenthood Hayward, CA

Hoa Thuy "Vivian" Tran Age: 22 Died: December 29, 2003 Planned Parenthood Costa Mesa, CA

DianaLopezLarge.jpeDiana Lopez Age: 25 Died: February 28, 2002 Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, CA

Adelle Roe Age: 26 Died: November 16, 2002 Abortionist: Mi Yong Kim Landmark Women's Center Virginia

"Gabriella Alonso" Died: Summer, 2002 Abortionist:Ivan Kovachev Queens, NY

Brenda Vise Age: 38 Died: September 12, 2001 Volunteer Medical Clinic Knoxville, TN

StacyZallieLarge.pngStacy Zallie Age: 20 Died: October 1, 2000 Abortionist: Steven Chase Brigham American Women's Services Cherry Hill, NJ

Melissa Heim Age: 19 Died: January 26, 2001 Access Health Center Downers Grove, IL

Haley Mason Age: 22 Died: April 5, 2001 Abortionist: LeRoy Carhart Bellevue Health Clinic Bellevue, N

L'Echelle Head Age: 21 Died: October 11, 2000 Dayton Women's Health Services Dayton, OH

Kimberly Neil Age: 38 Died: May 22, 2000 Abortionist: Kenneth Wright Family Planning Associates Medical Group Fresno, CA

Maria Rodriguez Age: 22 Died: March 25, 2000 Abortionist: Steve Lichtenberg Albany Medical Surgical Center Chicago, IL

Semika Shaw Age: 22 Died: March 2000 Abortionist: Kermit Gosnell Women's Medical Society Philadelphia, PA

Nicey Washington Age: 26 Died: June 6, 2000 Ambulatory Surgical Center Brooklyn, NY

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