SUMMARY: "Cherish" Roe died c. 2005 from an RU-486 abortion.

I don't know much about the woman I call "Cherish".
I'd just been checking Ashli's blog, as I do several times a week. Ashli linked to Brian at 40 Days for Life.
Brian said that five women, dead from RU-486 abortions in the US, got their fatal doses at Planned Parenthood. (at 11:27 on the audio). I questioned him about this, posting:
  • The women who died, two (Holly Patterson and Chanelle Bryant) got their abortion drugs at PP, two (Oriene Shevin and Vivian Tran) at National Abortion Federation members, and one (Brenda Vise) at an unlicensed facility in Tennessee. Holly, Chanelle, Vivian, and Oriene died of sepsis. Brenda died of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that the "clinic" failed to diagnose.
I got an email from Brian thanking me, and pointing me to his source: a March 18, 2006 article in the //New York Times//, titled "After 2 More Deaths, Planned Parenthood Alters Method for Abortion Pill"..
I think Brian got a bit caught up in the moment and mis-spoke about five dead women that he knew of getting their abortion drugs at Planned Parenthood, but the source did point me to something troubling. The tally noted in the article -- six dead in the United States -- is one more death than I'd known about. And there's this:
  • The F.D.A. has now received reports that six women in the United States died after taking RU-486, or Mifeprex. .... The two most recent deaths and two of the previous four underwent their procedures at Planned Parenthood clinics, a spokeswoman said. (Emphesis mine)
Again, I only knew of two women -- Holly and Chanelle -- who got their drugs at Planned Parenthood. Did the FDA know of two more? Or was the spokeswoman confused and attributing the National Abortion Federation deaths to Planned Parenthood? And what of the sixth woman that I didn't know about?
I went poking around the FDA web site and found this page, the testimony of Dr. Janet Woodcock, Deputy Commissioner for Operations at the FDA. In particular I focused the section on deaths, where I found this:
  • FDA is aware of 12 deaths possibly involving the use of mifepristone in women. Nine of these deaths were in the U.S. ....
  • A death from the midwest in a woman who had a second trimester medical abortion employing misoprostol and laminaria (a moisture absorbing medical device inserted into the vagina to stimulate cervical dilation), but not mifepristone. This woman had C. perfringens.
So there you have it: all the information I have about Cherish. She was somewhere in the midwestern United States and underwent an old-fashioned prostaglandin abortion in the second trimester. She died of a clostridium perfringens infection.
We can narrow down where she possibly died by checking which midwestern abortion facilities do abortions with a combination of prostaglandin (misoprostol) and laminaria.
Keep an eye on the RealChoice blog for updates as I try to narrow down when this woman died, and where.
For an extensive set of links on RU-486, go to: The RU-486 Files.

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