SUMMARY: Asunta LaRosa, age 30, died in her Yonkers, New York home on May 5, 1938 during an abortion being perpetrated by practical nurse Genevieve Horton.

The Abortionist's Plea

On May 5, 1938, Mrs. Genevieve Horton, a 38-year-old practical nurse, was being tried in an abortion case in Westchester County, New York. Breaking down, she changed her plea to guilty, weeping and asking the judge to grant her time before sentencing to arrange care for her children. The judge granted her tearful request, releasing her on $1,500 bail pending sentencing.

Back to her Grisly Work

At about 10:30 that very evening, Joseph LaRosa arrived home to find his wife, 30-year-old Asunta, in the kitchen with Horton. His wife suggested that he go to bed since he had to go to work early in the morning. Joseph went into the living room and settled down on the sofa to sleep.

About ten minutes later, Joseph later told police, Horton ran into the living room, calling his name. He went to the kitchen and found his wife lying unconscious on a blanket on the kitchen table. Horton started to run out of the house and Joseph tried to grab her to stop her, but she got away, carrying a rubber tube in her hand but leaving behind her purse.

An ambulance crew arrived and declared Asunta dead on the scene.

Joseph was left widowed to care for three children, ages 10, 8, and 2.

Police arrested Horton in her home at 6:30 the following morning. I have yet to be able to determine the outcome of the case.

Releasing Abortionists = Repeat Tragedy

Genevieve Horton's evident inability to stop perpetrating abortions after being released by the judicial system is hardly unique. These repeat offenders have cost women their lives.

  • Over a period stretching from 1888 to 1926, Dr. Lucy Hagenow was repeatedly released, usually while pending new trials or prior to completing prison sentences, enabling her to have a total of 18 women's abortion deaths laid on her doorstep.

  • In 1970, criminal abortionist Dr. Jesse Ketchum was released in Michigan. He headed straight to New York, which had just legalized outpatient abortion on demand, and in a six-month period he perpetrated lethal abortions on Margaret Louise Smith and Carole Schaner.

  • In 1984, while out on bail pending a new trial for strangling a live-born infant after an abortion, Dr. Raymond Showery performed a fatal abortion on Mickey Apodaca.

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