On January 16, 1901, Jennie Mallard died at Alexian Brothers Hospital in Chicago from an abortion performed that day. Mrs. Margaret Simmons was arrested and held in the death. Mrs. Simmons' profession is listed as nurse or midwife.

Alexian Brothers Hospital is a Catholic institution. The following is from their web site:

alexian.jpgCrest of the Conception Province

The Crest of the Congregation of Alexian Brothers Immaculate Conception Province is a modified version of the Seal of the Congregation of Alexian Brothers. The upper half shows a pelican nourishing her young with her heart's blood - a symbol of the self-consuming character of real Christian love. The two spades represent the burial work performed by early Brothers in times of calamity. The flying raven symbolizes the feeding of the destitute, a virtue practiced by the Congregation for centuries. Surrounding the symbols are the words of St. Paul: "Caritas Christi Urget Nos," or "With us, the love of Christ is a compelling motive." (Corinthians 5:14) The cross projecting form the top of the logo indicates that in the cross is salvation.

The Alexian Brothers devotion to caring for the sick dates back to when the Black Death swept across Europe, and families fled in terror from their own dying loved ones. The Alexian Brothers were among those who stayed behind to minister.